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This sword's history is very different from the others.

Rather than being known for who or what he killed, Mutsu is known as the sword who "didn't cut anything." The one who loved him and made him famous was "Sakamoto Ryoma."

Sakamoto was a master of Hokushin Itto-ryu. However, there are no stories or records of Sakamoto killing someone with a blade. When he was attacked in the Teradaya Incident, he didn't draw his blade, instead, using his gun. Even when he was killed in the Omiya Incident, though he tried to draw his sword from its sheath, he didn't cut anyone. But since he was reaching for Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki to the very end, even if he didn't kill anyone, Sakamoto probably felt protected by this sword.

Come, let's seize the world!
The family heirloom of a merchant samurai family, Mutsunokami didn’t see a lot of action in his career. Though he was passed down from generation to generation, as a sword, he didn’t gain fame in battle. Things changed when he was secretly passed on to a hotblooded young man in the family named Sakamoto Ryoma in 1862. Ryoma decided to leave their domain, Tosa, without permission, becoming an outlaw that was sentenced to death if caught. It wasn’t ideal but it was certainly more fun than being on display in the estate.

Given his time with Ryoma and the profound impact he had on him, Mutsunokami reflects many aspects of his former master. He is energetic, friendly, and personable, able to get along with most. He is not only loud but extremely vocal about his views, bluntly declaring rather unpopular opinions that don’t make it easier for him to get along with certain rival swords. Furthermore, he’s picked up a knack for business and a preference for negotiation, given Ryoma’s economics and politics. If possible, he would prefer to talk but if it can’t be helped, it can’t be helped, and he’s the type to charge in with sword slashing and gun banging. He's outdated but he can still be useful and if he can still be useful, he wants to show off and become stronger. Ah, but don't praise him too much... it's embarrassing... (Full app here)